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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pet Peeve #1

Travis says I have the longest list of pet peeves of anyone he knows. I'm not much of a pet person, really, but I guess peeves are ok. I don't have to feed them or anything, which is a really good thing. I'd tell you that story, but I think the animal rights activists in the crowd would totally freak out. Although, maybe that would get my blog some publicity and it would REALLY become something!

Naw, I'd probably just make lots of enemies and wind up with only 5 friends on Facebook or something.

Anyway, I do have several pet peeves and I guess they are a bit strange.  Here is Pet Peeve #1...

David Crowder.

I absolutely love the David Crowder Band, big facial hair and all.  David Crowder's music absolutely moves me.  The man lives out of the box, which I admire and respect.  I've been told that he uses car keys, styrofoam balls, just about anything to get a different sound into this recordings.   Big time Brownie Points in my book!

And although I am really surprised that this isn't my pet peeve, I love how he does the same 5 songs or so on every album but in a different way.  Gosh, I LOVE IT!  

But there is this one song...

My favorite David Crowder Band song of all, actually.  "Wholly Yours."

Oh, every part of me sings that song when I sit down at my piano and play.  It's like I'm in this inner world where I feel, not just know, the smallness of me and the "otherness", to steal a word from Louie Giglio, of God.  

The song starts with this:

I am full of earth
You are heaven's worth
I am stained with dirt
Prone to depravity

You are everything
That is bright and clean

Now, here is one of my favorite parts of the whole song...

The antonym of me...

WHEW!  Antonym!!!  Did he just use a totally cool word from English class that most of us probably don't remember?!?  I mean, he just took rock/pop/praise and worship/oh, whatever word you want to use music and made it...well...sound smart!  Literary!  Mature.  Nerdy!  I LOVE the nerdy part!  I applaud you, David Crowder!

The song goes on:

...You are divinity.

But a certain sign of grace is this
That from broken earth
Flowers come up
Pushin' through the dirt

I'll move on to the bridge.

But the harder I try
The more clearly can I
See the depth of our fall
And the weight of it all
(Oh, man.  Yes, David.  Exactly!  Lord, save us!)

And so this might could be
The most impossible thing
Your grandness in me
Making me clean
(Oh, it's like I'm levitating)

(sound of record being scratched as I drop to the floor and get the wind knocked out of me)  Hold on a minute there, David.  

Did you just say, "This MIGHT COULD be?"  

Did you really just use the words "might" and "could" in the same sentence and right next to each other??

No, say it isn't so.  Tell me that this book has a typo in it!

I checked it out and no, it isn't a typo.  

David, you mean to tell me that you're actually following up "antonym" with BAD GRAMMAR???

David!  You can't do this to me!!!  Please, PLEASE get it out of my head!  It's just so...so...WRONG!  David, don't ruin my song!  So what if you wrote it.  I'm claiming it and I'm begging you to please correct that bad grammar!

David, I know it's officially illegal, but do you mind if I take out the word "might" when I sing it at church?  Or should I keep that as my little secret?  Please don't make me sing it, David.  Please.


  1. Well, Shakespeare did some similar manipulation of the English language to make it fit the blank verse, so Crowder isn't in bad company. Probably doesn't help the pet peeve. I like a song from the 80's because it uses the word deluge. And Brooke Fraser has a song called Indelible. Love it! The English teacher applauds! So, I get ya.

  2. Thanks, Vicki, even if you did defend him. ;-)