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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey, That's My Son You're Talking About!

Men are so stupid.

Need proof?  Out of the thousands of sitcoms that have been made, name 10 men who had a brain.  Name 10 who didn't act like a child or who didn't need a woman to look after him.

Need more proof?  Eavesdrop on a group of women and you'll hear just how stupid and childish men are.

Need more proof?  Ask a 12 year old girl who watches TV and hangs out with mom.

What?  You take offense?  You disagree with thousands of sitcom directors, millions of women, and the majority of 12 year old girls?  Seriously?

Good!  Because I do, too!  After all, that's my son you're talking about!

When I see a sitcom portray men as unable to change a diaper and a woman...or a kid!...has to do it for him, I think, "Hey, that's my husband you're talking about!"

When I see them portray a teenaged boy like he's five while the teenaged girls are rolling their eyes and treating him like a child I think, "Hey!  That's my son you're talking about!"

When I hear women talking about how men can't do anything I think, "Hey!  That's my husband you're talking about!"

When I hear women say how their husband is just like their son...as if it's a bad thing... I think,  "HEY!!! That's my husband AND my son you're talking about!"

I'm simply tired of it.  I'm so tired of my husband being told that he is unable to think for himself, take care of children, or show emotion.  I'm so tired of women putting MY man down by griping about their husbands/ex-husbands/boyfriends by saying that their men aren't good enough because, well...because they're men.

Oh, and did you realize that your son is sitting there listening to all this and hears just how stupid you think he is?  Do you realize that you are telling him what it means to be a man...to you?  Oh, yes you did just call him stupid, lazy, and incompetent.

And as for TV, how DARE they spend 30 minutes insulting MY SON?!?  And how dare they feed that garbage to my daughters?!?

Listen.  Look.  It's everywhere you go.  Talk about a double standard!  Women, we simply wouldn't take it if we were portrayed as stupid and incompetent.

I'm sick of it, sick of doing it myself, because after all, that's my son I'm talking about!