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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok, this is getting ridiculous!

I lost my cell phone...


I know I'm not the only one this happens to, but I'm so frustrated!  I just bought myself a new phone in July because I lost my previous cell phone who knows where and I got that cell phone because the phone I had then was totally messed up...perhaps because I dropped it a lot, and I got that phone because I lost the previous one at the beach.

When I signed up for a wireless service, no one told me that cell phones actually walk!

They must!

When I lost my previous phone I posted a series of Facebook status that went something like this...

June 29 5:27pm  

My cell phone is missing, my iPod's not working, and I have no Frappuccino for my tears. That's my 21st century country song...and it's all true!!! (scream)

June 30  4:26pm  

ODD PLACES YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR CELL PHONE: The iPod is now working (phew!), but still no Frappucinno and no cell phone. I need your help! I can't find my cell phone ANYWHERE so can you please tell me some odd places you have found your cell phone? May

I don't know what "May" means, either.  

June 30  6:34pm  

GOOD NEWS! I found a gift certificate for a pound of See's chocolates and enough change at the bottom of 4 purses to buy a Frappuccinno! No cell phone, though. Any other ideas?

July 1  4:25pm  

Let's recap: Cell phone is missing, iPod is now working, and yes, I did get that frappuccino! Loved it! In fact, I loved it so much that a few hours later I discovered that I was wearing it on the front of my shirt! 

July 1  11:24pm

I have hit an all time low. I searched through the dog food bag. As Survivor would say, "The search is over..."

And that's when I decided it was time to buy a new phone.  Starting July 5th my status' were things like, "Anyone have an iPhone they want to see?"  or "Is the (name of phone) any good?"  Those aren't direct quotes, but you get the gist.  

July 9  10:37pm

is now the owner of a Blackjack II that I got on craigslist  for a great price!!! I am also wondering who came to my house and messed everything up. We weren't home all day and it looks like I haven't done anything for a week! WTHeck?

Ok, the "We weren't home..." part was irrelevant to this blog post.  You get that for free.

("You get that for free"...did I just use another TOTALLY overused phrase?  That is SO going to be my next pet peeve post!)

Wow.  Better get back to this post before I start getting all riled up about my next one!

I LOVE my blackjack!  It's got a QWERTY keyboard, larger screen, way more memory, and best of all...it's RED!  Ohhh, I love red!  But now it is gone.  

Seriously, I'm not laughing at this one.  I am so frustrated so...


How do YOU keep track of your cell phone?  This is a totally serious question.  I need to know what it is that I need to change because I cannot afford to buy another phone and now I'm too spoiled to want a tiny, little thing like my last one.  Although it WAS red, I couldn't get all my text messages because the memory was too small.

Please...I know most of you don't post comments a lot, but this time I could really use your help.  You can post it on Facebook, I don't care.  Just give me some suggestions!!!


  1. Here are some great Facebook comments I received today!

    ALWAYS keep it in your purse, then charge it at night in the same place every night.

  2. Get some velcro at the craft store. Sew one side of the velcro to every pair of pants you own at the hip. Glue the other side of the velcro all over your phone (be sure to leave room to dial , hear and speak.) Put up sticky notes in various areas of your home saying, " Rach, is your phone on your hip?" to remind yourself to continue to check the status of your phone.
    Or, put it in your bra like my mom. LOL

  3. Or,if you wanna be serious... you can do what I did. I made a little pouch that matches my purse (yep I can sew!) then I tacked the pouch to the inside of my purse...it can't fall out...nor be lifted cause i made a little flap too. (ain't I smart) I always leave my phone in my purse...even to charge...I plug the charger in near where I leave my purse on the shelf....I simply put the purse down, lift out the phone, plug it in and drop it back in my purse. Ta da.

  4. you could put your phone on a leash which is attached to your purse. but then you would have to remember wher you put your purse ... oops did i say that

  5. My comment would be along the line of Jerry's above - I keep mine in the pouch on the inside of my purse. I have a specific spot that I always keep my purse (home & work), I hate being without my phone so I'm almost anal about making sure I know where it is. Call it training my ADD side - have to have a routine for things like that.

  6. I have a case that clips onto my pocket...seems to work pretty good. then it is with me so I'm not looking for my purse when it rings.

  7. try getting a holder and make a habbit out of placeing it on it or put it next to your bible.

  8. NEVER go anywhere w/o it. Find it before you leave. Make sure it is in your hand when you go out the door.

  9. Another comment, this time from Twitter.

    maybe you should try a lanyard on your cell phone and wear it around your neck, sort of like you'd wear your glasses on one