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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can I Just Play ONE Song?

Here's something I wrote about a year ago.

(sigh) There is nothing like sitting down at my piano when the sun goes down, opening up my endless supply of sheet music and lead sheets and spending some private time in worship of God. It's my way of talking to Him and letting His Word talk to me. It's one way I connect with God. It's how I make sense of what I've read and experienced. It's how I sing out my sorrows, package my pain, live in the moment, proclaim His praise, and stand silent...musically...before the Lord. I tell you, there is nothing like it.

Tonight I took some time to do just that. I opened up a binder, found a song, started to play and began to sing.

"I've been here before/now here I am again/standing at the door/praying You'll let me back in (music builds now as it moves into the prechorus) to label me a prodigal would be/only scratching the surface/of what I've been known to be (music really builds and is ready to break loose for the chorus)
.....................................(sound of record being scratched) "Mom! Can you help me? I can't find the game."

I could play on and on and totally lose track of time, so unless I am practicicng for something specific, I allow my children to interrupt. So, I get up, leave behind the music, and go help my son.

(sigh) I start over. "I've been here before/now here I am again....(I get to the chorus) Turn me around/pick me up..."

"MOM!" And I turn around to see what my son needs now. Take care of it. Get back to my piano.

"I've been here before/now here I am again..." Suddenly this song is taking on a whole new meaning!

"Mom, ......" and I reply, "Can I just play ONE song?"

(Said with a charming smile) "Mom, I know you are playing a song, but do you want to watch me?"

I can't help but smile back because I know that while I have been at my piano before and that I will be at it again, my son is 5 now and never will be again. I guess piano time is best saved until after bedtime!

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