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Thursday, October 8, 2009

To iPhone or Not to iPhone

I stand at the crossroads.

My poor husband is not such a poor husband anymore.  He's got a fancy, new iPhone.  The man who kept his free phone for 4 years regardless of the fact that he was eligible for a free upgrade now has an iPhone.  And he looks so darn cool with it.  I look over and I think, "Forget the cars, that phone is a total chick magnet!"

Now, here I stand with no cell phone because...well...I think we know that story.  I feel stuck because I have this really old wireless plan at $30/month and now when I get those mailers that try to entice me with a "free" upgrade, it says that I have to upgrade my plan, as well.  Same plan, new price.  That' $10 more per month.  Even I can do the Math and see that the little free phone they offer me will actually cost me $120 a year.  That's $240 over the life of the 2-year contract I have to sign.

And now if I want a smart phone, I MUST also get the $30/month data plan.   And I can't get the data plan without upgrading my plan to the new price.  So, that leaves me with a stupid phone (wouldn't that be what you call one that's not smart?) but I have to pay full price for it.  Uhhh..no.  That's a lot of money!  Or I can buy a prepaid phone, but that will be $100 bucks because I want bluetooth.

There's craigslist of course.  I looked, but there's the whole it-has-to-be-an AT&T phone and all that jazz.

Oh, and I can't get insurance...which we have figured out is actually worth the monthly price in my case...without (I'll bet you can guess) upgrading my plan.

You know, I say upgrading the plan, but really it's just upgrading the price.

Now, interestingly enough, my laptop is going out.  Over half of my monitor is now covered in a pretty plaid design and I have minimized this window to, oddly enought, about the size of an iPhone screen just so I can type this post.  The whole scrolling back and forth thing is really getting old.

So I have to wonder...

If I keep this laptop and don't buy another, would it pay to buy an iPhone? I want the iPhone.  Travis says that if I can keep a junky (his word, ,not mine) cell phone for 2 years without losing it then he'll feel justified in buying me a fancy phone.

Can I make it work?  A few salespeople out there are tying to make it so.  What should I buy?

Yes, boring post tonight.  I'm a little OCD about this cell phone business right now!


  1. I think the fact that you now have to minimize your computer window to the size of an iPhone screen is telling you something...

    (get an iPhone!)

  2. Got to go with Travis on this one given the cost and your track record with cell phones. Not to mention, the iPhone would be worth stealing so you would have to be even more careful with it. If you like the features, perhaps a more economical way to go would be the iPod touch. It does everything but act as a phone and you can access the internet for free.
    Just a suggestion

  3. bubbaloopa-I kind of wondered if it was a sign, myself!

    anonymous-now I know why you're anonymous. ;-)

    I do have a birthday coming up...

  4. Well, I have to say, I totally agree with Travis on this one! What he says seems completely logical and is just good common sense.



  5. I was just given an I phone by my daughter - my decision is whether or not to activate it. --- I think maybe you should look at a netbook with a wireless plan and just im everyone. It would be much harder to lose a 9 inch screen computer and you would be able to update your blog easier

  6. LOL! I'm picturing myself loading that netbook into my purse! Funny thing is, a friend of mine who works for Verizon was talking to me about getting their fancy smart phone with a free netbook, but even he decided that I needed something more powerful than a netbook. I think the recording music part is the kicker. Which makes me wonder if I should get a mac...

  7. Ummm...Travis My Love, no commenting from an iPhone for you!