What Kind of Mood Are You In Today?

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's Monday.  According to Google Mondays and Thursdays have the most traffic.

Like I said, it's Monday.  And do I have a post?  Does this count?

I'd love to sit here and finish one that I have in the making, but unfortunately I have been sick and have a pile...make that 2 piles...ok, 3 piles of dishes in my sink, on the counter, on my stove, and they are threatening to take over the kitchen table.  (Not that that's ever happened before...)

There's also this thing called reality and that is that I have one day off a week where my children are at school and I am not and this is when I need get the majority of my housework done.  Today happens to be the day.

So, let's hope I can (sniffle, sniffle) get into overdrive mode (*sound of blowing one's nose*) and (grabs another tissue) get my work done quickly.  I have a new post I'm dying to write.

If you subscribe to any feed or sign up as a follower, Google will let you know when it's done.  If you join the My Poor Husband Facebook page, I will let you know personally.

Teaser:  "What Will They Say About Me at My Funeral?"

Until then...

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