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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Have a Confession to Make...about zits!

Zits don't bother me.

No, in fact, they rather fascinate me.  If it wasn't for the way they look, I might just pray for more zits.

I mean, the way they swell up, just like a cat about to pounce.  Like a fountain right before it sprays up like an explosion.  Or like (for my music friends) a C Major scale that starts at C, moves all the way up the keyboard, but stops at B with a fermata over it.  The C is begging, pleading to be played, just like a big, fat zit is sitting there, waiting to emerge like a baby from its mother's womb.

It's almost as painful, anyway.

I like to see them pop.  I do.  Even when it hurts.

And I don't mind popping other people's zits...if they would only let me.  (Family only!!!  Don't call me.)


Ok, no.  This is just wrong.  I watched this video that a friend on Facebook posted and I almost had to run to the bathroom.  I can't post it because it was full of bad language and, well, call me what you'd like but I can't post something that uses God's name as a swear word.  No, I stand in awe of Him and His name is so powerful that I refuse to use it so carelessly.  That and it had the F bomb and potty language.  Kid-friendly site here.

Anyway, this video was 4 1/2 minutes of popping a zit.  Yes, it took that long!!!  And the zit doesn't open up at 2 minutes into the video or anything. No, it's like...at 15 seconds into the video.  The blood involved was about as much as a bad bloody nose.  The zit had quite a squirt to it.  I kid you not, sometimes it looked like brains coming out!!!

I think some alien squirrels that eat brains attacked this guy in his sleep, ate a portion of his brain and saved the rest for later by storing the rest of his brain under the skin of his back.  It is THAT bad!!!

A girl in the background said that it was the worst smell ever.  SMELL?!?  I didn't know that zits smell!

My fascination with zits might actually be over.

On second thought, maybe I'm only getting started...


  1. I've seen that video and I think that what they were dealing with was an abscess, not a zit. In order for a zit to get THAT huge it must have been seriously infected, which would make it an abscess, wouldn't it?

    (from dictionary.com: ab-scess [ab-ses]

    –noun Pathology.
    a localized collection of pus in the tissues of the body, often accompanied by swelling and inflammation and frequently caused by bacteria.

    1535–45; < L abscessus a going away, abscess, equiv. to absced-, var. s. of abscēdere to go away, separate off, form an abscess (abs- abs- + cēdere; see cede ) + -tus suffix of v. action, with -dt- > -ss- )

    He probably should have seen a doctor to get it taken care of and gotten antibiotics, to boot.

  2. Hi Rach.

    I saw the same video. My brother, medic and firefighter extraordinare, posted it to his FB. I have never seen a video evoke so many passionate responses ranging from horrified to disgusted to downright sick humor.

    I agree with the previous comment regarding it being an abscess and not a zit. By the way, those that found it oddly humorous are those who deal with first responder type situations. The rest of the normal population was nauseous.

    Have a great day!

  3. Hello, Anonymous! I had to delete your comment, but I am very curious about what the term "F-bomb" represents. Apparently, I am ignorant on that topic. I'd sincerely like to know what it represents, but I'd rather it not be on this blog where my children can read it. Please feel free to email me. Rachael.Mickel@gmail.com Thank you!