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Monday, September 28, 2009

David Crowder Band Read This Blog!

I received a message today FROM THE DAVID CROWDER BAND on Twitter today!!! I'm not an autograph chaser...because it seems silly to me...but getting a direct message from a famous person is pretty cool!

Seems he/they/someone from the band read my blog post about how I LOVE David Crowder Band music, but can't stand the poor grammar in one of their songs. The last line of my blog post says,

David, I know it's officially illegal, but do you mind if I take out the word "might" when I sing it at church? Or should I keep that as my little secret? Please don't make me sing it, David. Please.

Well, I have been given permission to omit the word, "might" in that song when I sing it at church!!! That's going to ease this worship leader's conscience! Whew! Here's what he said:

you can omit might if you'd like. sorry for the bad texan grammar.

Cool, huh! Well, for those of you who don't know who the David Crowder Band is, here's a little video for you!

Here's someone's rendition of "Wholly Yours."

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