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Thursday, July 30, 2009

How I Locked Myself Out of Our Hotel Room on My Wedding Night

Yeah, seriously. Little did Travis know this was but the start of a life of blunders and expensive flakiness.

Our wedding was beautiful. 7 bridesmaids, 4 parents, 2 preachers, and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, no. But there were doves.

Eventually the festivities ended and it was time for me and my new husband to head off to our blissful life of gas pumps and drive-through car washes. Well, that was after I threw the bouquet onto Travis' windshield instead in the direction of hopeful single ladies and after Travis threatened the best man with death or something if he didn't give him the key to the handcuffs where another friend of ours was locked to the gear shift. Being a "traditional" couple that believes in waiting for marriage before entering the marriage bed, Travis was short on patience when it came to friends stalling our honeymoon.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Headed off to our blissful life...

We got in the car, waved goodbye, laughed at the cans trailing behind us, and went about a block before I realized that I had left my purse at the church.

We turned around, I ran in, got the purse, we waved goodbye again and THEN headed to our blissful life.

We checked into the hotel, opened the door, and Travis said he would go get the bags. I, being nervous, couldn't just sit still so I decided I was going to go out and help him. It's not like I was going to wear my wedding dress again so who cared if it got dirty? I opened the door, stepped outside, and the door shut behind me.

Travis smiled and said, "What are you doing?" with eyes all aglow.

"I thought I'd help you," I replied.

"Where's the key?"

"In our room."


"Where's your key?" I asked.



Could this be? Are we actually locked out of our hotel room on our wedding night??!!??

Yes, we were indeed!

Travis went back to the lobby and got new keys. Meanwhile, I stood at the door of our hotel room (because I was too embarrased to go the lobby) looking lovely and dumb in my wedding dress. After looking at the faces of the people driving by, I think I might have been less embarrased had I gone with Travis!

But this story isn't over yet...! Come back Friday.


  1. Wow this kind of stuff runs in the family. That's alittle scary. I just need to learn to laugh about those oops, like you do. Thanks for making me feel normal.