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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Blackjack and What I'm Going to Do About It

Found myself a phone...finally!

I spent lots of time on Craigslist trying to find the perfect deal.  Emailed lots of people, checked listings incessantly over the weekend, emailed some more people...and a few people twice by mistake!

And after hours of hard work, I now own a blackjack.  AT&T reluctantly told me that if I stick my sim card into a smart phone they would never know and I would NOT be automatically given a data plan and I could use my phone however I wanted.  Pay per minute for data usage of course, but I don't have to buy a prepaid phone, thank goodness!  I like the qwerty too much.

I'm loving my new phone!  The last one I had was a Blackjack II and while I'm "downsizing" to get the forerunner, I think I actually like it better.  Not so bulky.  Thank you to the Craigslist poster who sold me this phone!  :)  I enjoyed meeting you and your daughter.  :)

So, as I promised myself, I am asking, "So what am I going to do about it?"

I habitually lose phones and here's what I'm going to do about it.

I bought a purse.  (How many girls do you know who can get a purse out of losing a cell phone?)  It's a tiny little thing, just big enough to fit some cards, my keys, and a cell phone, but just big enough to have a nice long strap that I can hang across my body.

You see, I carry around this huge handbag and I keep filling it with stuff.  I don't really know where all the stuff comes from, but I think there's a brownie (Spiderwick Chronicles reference) that follows me around and sticks stuff in there.  He better be careful or he  might go flying off the top of my car and who knows if he'll be found like the rest of my stuff!

Anyway, big handbag.  I hate taking it in stores because I refuse to put my purse in the cart.  How am I supposed to keep track of three kids and a purse?  So, instead of hauling this mini-suitcase into the car, I take out my wallet, keys, and cell phone.  I'm usually wearing a dress or slacks without pockets and so I wind up holding a wallet, keys, and a cell phone in one hand and grab groceries and children with the other.  Not entirely convenient, but better than having my purse stolen out of my cart or picking up all my stuff off the floor when I bend over to check prices and everything comes spilling out.  Embarrassing.  Not that I would know or anything.

I digress.  I keep jumping off my train of thought and taking a bus.

So... now I have this little purse thingy that I wear into the store.  When I get in the car, the purse thingy DOES NOT COME OFF!  No, no.  If it did I would probably forget it, especially if I was hauling the moving van-I mean handbag.  So, I keep the purse strapped to me, open up the little flap, and plug in the cell phone charger.

Yup!  I charge my phone INSIDE my purse WHILE wearing it!

I tell you, I get odder and odder all the time...  Even I have to admit that one!

BUT...!  If it works then I don't mind the oddness.  The phone remains on my body until I get home and then I place it next to the external charger.  The phone actually came with an extra battery, so I keep a battery charging at all times.

Ta-da!  I've gone from forgetting the phone in the car or carrying it around haphazardly in my hands while shopping WITH a battery that's near dead much of the time...and that's when I can find it!... to having the cell phone strapped to me with a fresh battery everyday.  Sort of like underwear.

How does one go from cell phones to underwear?  Must be the trauma of childhood underwear horror stories.  (Story 1)  (Story 2)  (Story that's a little over-the-top.  That's right.  There's no link.)

Well, there you have it!  The tale of the cell phone.  I'd call it complete, but not until I get an iPhone...

I'll keep you posted.  (POSTED!  Ha!  Pun not intended.  Oh, dear.  That was a Rachael Joke.)

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  1. Oh Rachel! You crack me up! Now I know why"my" poor husband never bought me a cell phone. He took me to the CHP and they GAVE me one that will only dial THEM! Smart man!

    Love you . .