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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad-What Kind of Apps Can We Expect?

Thanks, Paula, for the idea!

What kind of apps would you expect to see on this product?

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  1. From Paula, who put this on the wrong post, silly! :)

    Definitely a monthly calendar

    Perhaps a "No Memory Left, Change pad" alarm?

    A "Mood Change" app. That would help out the fellas

    An app directing you to the nearest store that sells chocolate...That would really help

    A built in "growl" app to warn anyone who dares to speak to you during those 3-5 days.

    How about a "be thankful the rabbit lived" app?

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! The next product will be...

    the iPeed...for those who are well beyond their iPad years. LOL

  3. iPooped-for babies! Apple will dominate over Pampers!

  4. oh, now. We MUST have the iPhart!