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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Got the Flat Fixed Today!

If you remember, I got a flat tire on Tuesday, my boss put the spare on for me, and I found the spare keys to my Honda after only 4 years of owning the vehicle.

What?  Like you've never done that before!  Psh!

After dropping off my kids at school this morning, I rushed right over (as fast as a spare tire will let you rush!) to Rossi's Tire & Auto Service to have my flat fixed.

Free Advertising Time!  
I am not being paid to type this, I promise!  I have never been to a better tire store than Rossi's.  The people there are incredibly friendly and never look at me like I'm a stupid chick who knows nothing about cars and will believe them if they tell me I need 8 tires instead of 4!  I can come for an oil change any time during business hours and they always get me out of there in less than an hour.  Today they fixed my tire in 15 minutes.  Nice!  If you are anywhere near this business, seriously, go there!  It's worth it.
And now, back to our story...

I made hard-boiled eggs for my children's lunches today.  We rushed out the door, so I finished shelling the eggs and putting them in a ziplock while driving.

Not so smart.

Shelled eggs smell.  In fact, my kids used to get upset when I shelled their eggs for them because they felt so big being able to do it on their own.  But  they're over that now since the kids sitting next to them at the lunch tables don't like the smell of freshly shelled eggs.

There are two eggs left in my plastic dish that I planned on saving and as I'm driving to Rossi's Tire, I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do to get rid of the smell.

Should I put them in the glove compartment?

I seriously did think about it. But no, that would not get rid of the smell and I'd probably forget about them, which would be a bad thing in our unusually warm weather we're having right now.

Should I take them in with me?

Oh, sure.  Get the smell out of the car but smell up the entire shop!  I'm sure all the other customers are hoping that someone will come in and bless them with the fragrance of hard-boiled eggs!

Should I take them in with me, but leave them in my purse?

No, the smell would still be there and now everyone would just think I have gas.

Shoot!  What can I do?

And then it hit me...I can eat them!

Yes!  I hadn't had breakfast and this was a pretty healthy way to go.  And so, I began to shell them.  Mind you, I am only a mile away from Rossi's so there is  not much time.  I shell, pull into the parking lot, scarf down the eggs, and begin to reach for the door.

But there are still egg shells in my front passenger's seat!  I scan the lot, looking for a trash can.  There's always a trash can out front so people don't litter on the lot.  But was there a trash can?  Oh, of course not!  This is Rachael's World here!

Doggonit!  What am I going to do???  Freshly shelled eggshells smell, too!

"I'll start getting everything out of the trunk, that's what I'll do!"  So, I began piling everything that's in the trunk to the back seat.  That's when I find a roll of paper towels.  Sweet!

I wrapped up the eggshells in a paper towel, then in another paper towel, and stuck it in my purse.  Once inside, I placed it in the trash.

Perhaps not the best solution, but it was the best I could come up with.  Did the shop smell?  I don't know.  You'll have to go to Rossi's and find out.  But at least there were no other customers in the place and if the Rossi's tire employees thought I had gas, perhaps they changed their minds around noon or so when they could still smell it.

...or maybe that's worse.

Elmer at Rossi's let me have the nail I ran over.  I could have SWORN it was a bolt!!!  Then, when I showed the kids, I was POSITIVE that it was actually a screw, as I distinctly remember the phillips head.  Elmer brought me out a nail.  It had a big head on it, but it was a nail.

Personally, I think Travis called him and told him to mess with my mind.

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